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PORT's History

Port TMS has been building valued logistic tools for shippers and LSP’s for more than 20 years. We started at a time that’s very hard to imagine today, 20 years ago when Expedia and Travelocity were just getting a name for themselves, serving up airline prices from the convenience of a single website. We thought, what if we could do the same for LTL price discovery, dispatch and tracking.

Great idea but not easy to pull off as most LTL carriers at the time were not equipped with the ubiquitous API services of today. So, we used tariffs and direct rate tables to create one of the first LTL rating tools available on the market. Additionally, we created the platform as a cloud service, at the time no one knew what “cloud” was, we just thought it was the correct architecture, so nothing had to be installed at the customer location. Easy to access and easy to use was our only yardstick. Fortunately, our decision to create an open platform paid off. As a platform, our services are utilized by countless logistic organizations to be integrated to their own tools and creating a seamless shipping experience for Shippers or LSP’s.

Then in 2016, we decided to roll up our sleeves and build a robust, cloud based TMS for both TL and LTL. Building upon some of the core rating tools, Port TMS has quickly become one of the most feature rich TMS platforms on the market today. One of our core principals is to provide value to our customers, that means all features and functions included. Listening to our customers we are always improving upon the platform and we try to bring great ideas to real world use as quickly as possible. Fortunately, our team of developers are all in Overland Park KS, where they enjoy a collaborative working environment with our team members and customers, via in person and virtually of course.

In PORT TMS you will find an engaging user experience, powerful widgets that “bubble up” important data and alerts, seamless integrations plus reporting and accounting that makes your business operate more smoothly.